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PS5 Beta Adds Discord, VRR, and Accessibility Features

A brand new PS5 beta has been announced, adding a large chunk of features that players have been waiting a long time for, such as Discord Voice Chat support, 1440p VRR support, and new accessibility features.

While the beta isn’t widespread to all users of the console, people from the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany, and France may receive an email inviting them to take part in the beta and test the new features that are included.

Discord and VRR support finally added in PS5 beta

The new PS5 beta allows users to join Discord Voice Chat on their PS5 so that they can talk to users that may not use a PS5, or that may prefer using Discord over any other service when playing games. This follows in the footsteps of Microsoft, who also added this functionality to its Xbox Series X family of systems.

In addition to this, the beta adds 1440p VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support, meaning that the visuals should look a lot smoother at this resolution. It’s also a lot easier to migrate your data from both PS4 to PS5, and from PS5 to PS5 thanks to new accessibility and ease-of-use features that the beta is adding, along with the beta making it possible to update the DualSense controller wirelessly, rather than needing to attach a cable for any software updates.

In other PlayStation news, the PS Plus Collection is being removed from the system after two years.

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