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PS5: Can You Gift Digital Games?

Giving a physical PS5 game as a gift is easy, but what about digital games? If you’re not able to hand over a gift in person, a digital game is the perfect solution. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple process to gift a PS5 digital game. However, we’ll walk you through the entire process.

Can you gift digital games on PS5?

You cannot gift digital games on PS5. While Sony used to allow gifting digital games, it is no longer possible as of April 1, 2019.

This means you’ll have to buy a physical game or use our workaround to gift a digital PS5 game.

How to gift games on PS5

The only way to gift a digital PS5 game is to buy a PlayStation Store gift card. These cards can be ordered online and sent directly to their email address. If your friend owns a PS5 Digital Edition, this is the only way to gift a digital game.

An alternative solution would be to buy access to PlayStation Plus for your friend. This subscription can be purchased as a gift, with the obvious downside of the subscription being temporary. An Essential subscription contains the major benefits, and a 12-month subscription is about the same price as a new AAA title.

A PS5 game is the perfect gift, but if your friend has owned their console for a while, help them out with this fix for DualSense controller drift.

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