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PS5 Controllers Can Now Be Updated Wirelessly

Gone are the days of having to plug in the PS5 controller in order to update it, as the new console 7.00 firmware update has implemented the ability for DualSense pads to be updated wirelessly.

PS5 controller wireless updates

Once the new PS5 update has been successfully installed, PS5 users can accept the prompt to update their controller without the need to plug it in with a USB-C cable.

Here are the relevant patch notes from the new update:

Wireless Device Update for DualSense Wireless Controller: You can now update the DualSense wireless controller device software with a wireless connection. If you have trouble updating the device software wirelessly, connect your controller to your PS5 console using the USB cable to update it. You’ll be able to update wirelessly for the next update.

Provided the controller has enough charge, it will be able to update wirelessly, removing the need for users to go to the system and plug it in.

If you’re anything like me, you have regularly skipped the update screen as you simply couldn’t be bothered getting up and trying to find the cable. Now there is less of an excuse.

Of course, from an accessibility aspect, this is a huge win for those who aren’t able to easily update the controller using a wire.

The PS5 DualSense controller is receiving a lot of love lately, with this third-party creating hall effect analog sticks that should put a stop to pesky stick drift.

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