PS5 Owners Can Sign Up For the PS5 System Software Beta Program Now, Next Major System Update Coming Later This Year, ‘Packed With Features’


Want to help shape the PS5’s upcoming features? You can sign up to be part of the PS5 System Software Beta Program right now. This is to help prepare for the next major system update that is coming later this year, and Sony wants people to help test these updates before they go live for everyone.

Sony says that the next major system update is “packed with new features,” but only says that it is coming later this year. Unfortunately there’s no more specific window at this time. Still, a beta sign up program must mean that things are at least getting to a stage where they can ship it to some users, and reports say the SSD expansion update is coming in the summer, which hints that we could see this major system update in the next couple of months. They do say that they’ll share more in the “coming weeks” regarding plans for the PS5 System Software Beta.

Sign up for the PS5 System Software Beta Program here

By signing up, you’ll be under consideration for this upcoming update, as well as future PS5 system software updates. Registration is open to those in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, and Germany who are 18 years or older. You must have a PSN account in good standing with a valid email address to qualify. In regards to feedback, by participating in the Beta Program, any ideas you send to Sony as part of your feedback transfer ownership of that idea to Sony.

Signing up doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to take part in this or any future Beta Programs. Those selected will receive an email from Sony with further instructions. Testers should also ntoe that the beta software is a pre-release system software, and its features may change on final release. It also may contain errors (part of the testing process). You will be able to revert to the last official system software version if you choose to take part in the Beta.

The last major PS5 system software update allowed players to use USB extended storage devices as cold storage for PS5 games, preventing the need to delete and redownload huge files on slower or limited internet connections. While it’s not a full solution to SSD expansion, it’s a nice stopgap that at least solves some of the issues. There have been a number of smaller updates in between, but it sounds like this next update is getting ready to provide some pretty major feature additions and changes.

What are you hoping to see in the next major PS5 system software update? Are you signing up for the beta program? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: PS Blog]

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