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PS5 Sets New Sales Record in February 2023

Sony’s PS5 console has set a new monthly sales record in February 2023. In the US, the PS5’s sales were the highest ever for any PlayStation console last month, beating the previous records set by the PS2 in 2005.

PS5 console supplies improve to set a new February 2023 sales record

At the end of January, Sony announced they had increased the supply of PS5 consoles worldwide and they would now be far easier to find. According to Mat Piscatella, who works for the newly-renamed Circana (formerly NPD), improved supplies have “certainly helped” the PS5 console to be the best-selling US hardware platform in units and dollars for both February 2023 and the entirety of 2023 so far.

Sales were also driven by new games like Hogwarts Legacy and strong performances from earlier titles, such as the resurgence of The Last of Us Part 1. The release of PSVR 2 was also one of the reasons why accessory spending increased despite decreasing sales of controllers.

Not only has the PS5 set a new sales record in the US, but the console has also been doing incredibly well elsewhere too. At the start of February, Sony reported console sales reaching 32.1 million units worldwide, although this did still place it behind the PS4. However, the console also managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch for the first time in Japan too.

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