PSA: Halo Infinite Campaign Download Requires a Separate 4GB Patch First


Are you having trouble installing the Halo Infinite Campaign? You may have to troubleshoot a bit to get it up and running including resetting your system and installing an update for the Halo Infinite multiplayer first.

As players wake up to get started on the Halo Infinite campaign, some are encountering issues where either the campaign update is downloading slowly, or the Xbox app doesn’t seem to recognize the campaign is live yet.

Some players have encountered a pre-order banner when launching the campaign when it should be already available.

According to users online and verified by IGN staff, there are a couple of ways to fix these issues. First, on the matter of slow downloads through the title screen, Halo senior designer on the Academy David Ellis recommends users exit the game and suspend it to increase download speeds.

As for those who are even unable to download the Campaign in the first place, users online say hard resetting your Xbox console, opening the game, and then installing a separate 4GB install first will then allow you to begin downloading the 21.9GB campaign update.

IGN has tested both of these tips and found they worked, allowing us to download the campaign or increase our download speed.

This is still the first day of Halo Infinite’s official campaign launch so there could be some backend weirdness. For anyone who is already playing, check out IGN’s Halo Infinite guide for more helpful tips, or read our Halo Infinite campaign review.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor. You can reach him @lawoftd.

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