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PSVR 2 Sales Flop Reports Might Be Exaggerated

Reports of PSVR 2 sales being off to a disastrous start might be exaggerated, according to a quick analysis by two publications. Late last month, an International Data Corporation (IDC) analyst told Bloomberg that a price cut is necessary to save PSVR 2 from doom, and earlier this month, a separate report claimed that Sony had cut PSVR 2 production by 20 percent in light of poor commercial performance. However, things might not be as bad as they seem.

Putting PSVR 2 sales estimates in context

The Bloomberg report that declared doom and gloom for PSVR 2 claimed that the headset is expected to sell an estimated 270,000-300,000 units by the end of March. Insider Gaming points out that if this is true, that actually makes PSVR 2 one of the best VR headset launches in the medium’s history.

Indeed looking at the table below and a similar analysis by TweakTown, the situation isn’t as bad as analysts are making it seem:

PSVR 1 sold 915,000 units in its first five months. PSVR 2 has sold a third of that amount in just the first month.

It’s possible that sales will slow down, but there’s nothing that suggests this will certainly be the case for PSVR 2.

Sony has yet to reveal PSVR 2’s sales numbers.

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