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PSVR2 PC Driver Development Put on Hold

Even though PlayStation VR was made for PlayStation 4, it is possible to use it on a PC after some light tinkering. However, the same can’t be said for PlayStation VR2 since one of the developers looking into a PSVR2 PC driver that would enable such functionality is walking away from the project for the time being.

PSVR2 won’t work on PC for now

Developer iVRy recently tweeted about halting developing on the driver to get PSVR2 up and running on PC. They noted that it had been paused, and they’ll pick it up again “at some point.”

The tweets have since been deleted (only some of which are still up), but they laid out that the high cost, toxic commenters, and PSVR2’s many roadblocks as reasons they were stepping away. Some were blowing the progress on the driver way out of proportion, which led to others falsely thinking that iVRy was overselling what they had done with each small progress update (of which there are many).

Negative comments flooded in even more after a tweet made on May 6 that reiterated how iVRy had found out a way to pass authentication on PC. While an important step, it’s not nearly as close to the finish line as many impatient players were assuming.

The iVRy driver for the original PSVR (which will also unlock the PSVR2 driver if it ever comes out) seems to have given some far too much hope that the PSVR2 driver is imminent. Unless Sony decides to release an official driver, this kind of work will take quite some time, if it’s even possible.

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