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Ratatan Kickstarter Ends With Over 10 Times Initial Goal

Ratatan Kickstarter Ends With Over 10 Times Initial Goal

The Ratatan Kickstarter was funded within an hour, so it was clear that it was going to hit a ton of its stretch goals. And now that the campaign has closed, Ratatan has come in at over 10 times its initial goal.

Ratatan raised a total of $1,504,439

This total has allowed the project to hit 22 stretch goals, something the team thanked backers for on Twitter. These goals, some of which aren’t thoroughly explained, include:

  • an online mode
  • ports for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S
  • minigames
  • a collaboration with famed Rare composer David Wise
  • chiptunes
  • support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • an additional rarity level
  • the involvement of Blico, the voice of the Patapon in Patapon
  • a secret ending
  • orchestrated music
  • the ability to customize Fortrun, the ship that follows characters
  • a hard mode
  • “fireworks”
  • a “collectopedia”
  • Chinese and Korean languages
  • customizable Cobuns (the little eyeball characters) and Ratata (the named main units)
  • Dark Ratatans
  • a “backer vote”
  • a collaboration with Tsutomu Kouno, the person who designed LocoRoco
  • a collaboration with Keiichiro Toyama, known for directing Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Rush
  • base and room customization
  • playable Dark Ratatans

It did not hit its goal to have Dark Ratatan pets, as it finished just shy of the $1,543,442 needed. Ratata Arts also gave no update on its release window, as the team still aiming for an April 2025 launch.

However, it did put out a roadmap detailing the journey to 2025. Most of it is behind-the-scenes work, but it does show what Ratata Arts will be up to now that the Ratatan Kickstarter has wrapped up.

This successful campaign stands in stark contrast with Project Rap Rabbit, which hit Kickstarter in May 2017 and was designed to be a modern version of fellow Sony franchise PaRappa the Rapper. It even featured some of the creators of PaRappa, as well as Gitaroo Man. However, unlike Ratatan, its campaign failed and only raised $207,605 of its $1,098,700 goal.

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