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Readers’ Opinion: Is Sony Buying Bungie a Better Deal Than Xbox/Activision Blizzard?

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It has been revealed that Sony has purchased Bungie for a whopping $3.6 billion, bringing the Destiny 2 developer into the fold. However, it has also been revealed that Bungie will remain independent as part of this deal, meaning that Destiny will stay multi-platform while Sony gets access to the studio’s experience with live service games.

Unlike Microsoft’s deal with Activision Blizzard, it’s not particularly clear what Sony is getting from this partnership. Whereas we can reasonably assume that Activision series will eventually become Xbox exclusives a la Bethesda, it seems that Sony has instead acquired Bungie for different reasons outside of producing PS5-only games. Perhaps the studio is working on another, non-Destiny IP that Sony is interested in, or maybe Sony just wants Bungie around to help it with the development of a first-party live service game considering Destiny‘s success. At this point, we’re not really sure.

So with this shocking acquisition, has Sony managed to usurp Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard? Or do Xbox still have the upper hand at this juncture? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll feature our favorite replies in the next Readers’ Opinion.

You said…

In the last Readers’ Opinion, we asked which old-school series you wanted to see make a comeback on PS5.

Brian Gleseke replied:

I think Sony needs to make a strong statement by pumping money into the Resistance franchise again. Give it a very strong outing to counter Halo and possibly losing COD in the future. A high quality FPS is, in my opinion, the only thing missing from Sony’s strong contingent of exclusives. I may be one of the few, but I would love a strong 10+ hour linear campaign from a shooter like Resistance. I’m tired of shooters either foregoing a campaign or giving me a barebones 6 hours.

Swinny UK said:

I still want Metal Gear Rising 2. I cherish the original. In general I prefer games that I can cherish. I’m not in this for mere launch days/or launch weeks. I want something that I can play for a long time. Ironic that the length of MGR was a hot button issue, and yet unlike the endless supply of 100 hour long open worlds, you can essentially play it forever. That’s my kind of game, and in general I’d like to see more of that on PS5. I know a bunch of people think that’s weird, but it isn’t so strange for a game to be played for a long time… think Golf and Football, right? I think that any game worth a damn as a game is worth replaying. In fact, it’s essential. As Platinum says, your first play through is the tutorial. The real game begins after that. I love that mentality, and I miss it dearly. And that’s not to suggest that other types of games are inferior, I’m only talking about my preferences here.

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