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RED teases new cinema camera that appears to record 8K video at 120fps

Late last night, Jarred Land, the CEO and Co-Owner of RED Digital Cinema, has shared a teaser on Instagram that appears to show off a new camera capable of recording 8K video at up to 120 frames per second (fps). Alongside Land’s teaser, the RED Digital Cinema YouTube channel also listed premiere, embedded above, for an event that will take place tomorrow, September 1, 2021, at 1pm EDT.

Land’s Instagram post doesn’t divulge any details in the text, which only reads ‘2 more sleeps.’ However, the image he shared shows the menu screen of an unreleased camera that reveals a number of specifications and parameters. Most notable of those is the resolution and framerate the pictured camera appears to be recording at: 8K at 120fps in 17:9 format.

Although unconfirmed, other specifications hinted at in the image include dual 12G SDI out connections, CFx media, four-channel audio with +48V phantom power and an icon that suggests there will be at least some kind of wireless connectivity.

While the rest of the specifications aren’t yet confirmed, the 8K capability has been all but settled with Land’s Instagram post from today, which shows off the corner of a cinema camera that reads ‘8K-VV.’

Whatever the camera is, you can expect it to cost a good bit of cash when it’s presumably revealed in 20 hours, as of publishing this article. You can follow the video at the top of the article to set a notification for when the event goes live.