Report: PlayStation Support Claims PS Plus Codes Can’t Be Stacked Right Now


Many players discovered they were unable to redeem codes for Playstation Plus or Playstation Now yesterday. While many, including ourselves, assumed this was another case of Sony’s servers becoming overwhelmed, the official PlayStation support chat had other ideas. In a chat with a concerned customer, they claimed players would be unable to redeem codes on already active accounts to prevent the stacking of memberships ahead of the change to the new Playstation Plus tiers.

Why has Sony blocked players from stacking subscriptions?

Sony Blocks PS Plus Stacking

Any player with an active Playstation Now subscription when the new PS Plus tiers are introduced in June will get migrated to PlayStation Plus Premium for the duration of their membership. If that player has both PS Now and PS Plus, they will be converted to PS Plus Premium for the duration of the longer of the two subscriptions. This news meant players were trying to increase the length of their memberships to get the most out of the changeover. If what Playstation support said is true, it seems like Sony wasn’t too happy about this.

In reply to Push Square member Fuzzymonkeyfunk, a Playstation support e-mail reads:

I have checked the voucher and your account and can conclude that as of now there is a temporarily deactivated function for PS Plus/PS Now subscriptions which does not allow for stacking of either membership on already active memberships.

This is only temporary and as soon as we have more information about we will let our players know, for more information regarding news for the new launch of our service please check out our blog.

The reason for this move by Sony is unconfirmed. It could be that Sony is trying to stop players from cashing in on what will be a free upgrade to many, or it could be that there are genuine technical issues behind the scenes that have caused the temporary deactivation. As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

In other news, PlayStation’s new game preservation team is focusing on archival efforts at the moment and not on the further development of PS3 emulation. Elsewhere, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is expected to release on PC in June after yet another leak, this time from the Epic Games Store.

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PlayStation Game Preservation Team Is Focusing on Archival Efforts Not PS3 Emulation

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