Report: Sony Looking Into Bringing PS3 Emulation to PS5


The days of Sony overlooking the PS3 may be over. It’s being reported that the company is looking into properly bringing PS3 emulation to PS5 less than a week after being criticized for announcing that PS Plus Premium subscribers will only be able to cloud stream PS3 games. According to VentureBeat journalist and insider Jeff Grubb (via Video Games Chronicle), Sony “might” be up to something here.

PS3 emulation is reportedly complicated

While it has long been argued that PS3’s architecture is to blame for complicating things, fans and some game developers remain unconvinced that this is the case. “Emulation of PS3 is absolutely possible on PS5 hardware,” wrote Night Dive Studios’ Dimitris Giannakis (a.k.a. Modern Vintage Gamer). “Sony has never been interested in investing the millions to make it happen, however.” Known modder Lance McDonald added that he “can’t get over Sony announcing that they have a PS1 and PS2 emulator up and running on PS4 and PS5 hardware but they’re locking both behind a subscription fee and won’t let you play discs you already own.” “Also they still can’t get PS3 emulation on the PS5,” he added.

Grubb claims he asked around about the company’s plans and from what he’s heard, Sony “might” be working on bringing PS3 emulation to PS5 but it’ll take time. He, too, was critical of the way the revamped PS Plus tiers were announced, arguing that Sony should have communicated its plans better but chose to make a haphazard announcement that left fans with more questions than answers. This was partially echoed by industry analysts who said that the revamped PS Plus was a long time coming, but its tiers may cause confusion.

In other news, former BioWare GM has conceded that The Witcher 3 is a better game than Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Sony Japan has reportedly found a simple yet effective way to deal with scalpers.

[Source: VGC]

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