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Retro Game Boy Game Coming to PlayStation and Switch

Game Boy game Trip World ported to PlayStaion and Switch

Nintendo Game Boy title Trip World is on its way to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch. The re-release is in development with Limited Run Games, under the title Trip World DX. There is no indication that Limited Run Games is working on a possible Xbox or PC release.

A Game Boy Cult Classic comes to modern consoles

Developed by Limited Run Games, Trip World DX is an updated port of the 1992 original. The port features remastered audio and new color graphics. However, players who appreciate the original black-and-white graphics can choose those instead. It also includes behind-the-scenes content, including video interviews, cameo appearances, and Trip World’s original design documents.

While Limited Run is developing Trip World DX, the original developers aren’t out of the loop. Sunsoft assisted with development, and Limited Run even worked with the original director, Yuichi Ueda. Retro gaming fans also don’t have long to wait, as Trip World DX launches in a few days on August 31.

Japanese developer Sunsoft released the side-scrolling platformer Trip World for the original Game Boy in 1992. It follows a shapeshifting bunny-like creature called Yakopoo in his quest to save the world by recovering the Flower of Peace. Sunsoft never released the game in the US, and it didn’t leave too much of an impression on the industry. However, it saw some success in Japan and Europe, becoming a cult classic. Nintendo added it to the since discontinued 3DS Virtual Console in 2011.

This port takes advantage of Limited Run’s proprietary Carbon Engine. The Embracer Group subsidiary designed the engine specifically to make it easier to port early console games to modern systems. Trip World DX is not Limited Run’s first port using the Carbon Engine. Still, it shows how Carbon can help preserve niche games that might otherwise fade into obscurity.

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