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Rumor: Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Mode is Very Similar to Escape from Tarkov

When Battlefield 2042 launches in October it will come with three distinct multiplayer experiences. One of those is Hazard Zone, the only one of the three that hasn’t yet been officially unveiled aside from its name (the other two are All Out Warfare—the classic game modes—and Battlefield Hub, the sandbox-like experience). As spotted by ResetEra, a reputable dataminer known as @temporyal has supposedly uncovered details of the mode that sounds very similar to Escape from Tarkov.

In a series of six tweets, temporyal describes how the mode is “a mix between Escape from Tarkov and Hunt Showdown.” Players will face a briefing screen before boarding a Little Bird for insertion into the map. The area then needs to be scouted for things like “intel from data drives and crashed satellites,” The map will also contain “points of interest like ammo stations and uplinks” where players can call for reinforcements like the Ranger or HDT Storm. One of the maps with support for Hazard Zone is Orbital. Not enough data was present to be able to confirm more locations, nor could he find any evidence of maps created specifically for this mode.

Players will encounter AI enemies who will most likely be patrolling the area in a vehicle like the Jaguar EBRC or HDT Storm. Bosses will likely be used as map objectives too, potentially granting rewards for their defeat. The enemies will also benefit from being able to call in reinforcements, as well as allowing more men to parachute into the map as squads or as solo backup.

As players complete objectives they’ll gather “Hazard Zone currency” that can likely be used to expand their available weapons, gadgets, and tactical upgrade perks. One of those upgrades is called Loadout Insurance and will prevent players from losing their equipment when they make a mistake. temporyal listed 12 tactical upgrades he managed to find that also include things like increasing the amount of ammo or starting out with armor.

The game can be finished when players are lifted from an extraction zone. These zones need to be claimed and activated before a helicopter will appear to take players to safety. Those who miss the window of opportunity to get on the helicopter will fail the extraction. Players will be able to respawn as temporyal found evidence of a sequence with start, pause, resume, and abort states.

Of course, as with all information gathered from datamining, some or all features may not make it into the final version of the game. Hazard Zone has also been rumored to be free-to-play, but what we do know for certain is it won’t be a battle royale mode. Neither EA or DICE have commented on the rumors, but they’re sure to reveal the mode officially before the game’s arrival on October 22.

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