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Rumor: Quantic Dream Is Working on a Humorous Medieval Fantasy Game

Another day, another rumor. But this one comes from reliable leaker AccountNGT (via VideoGamesChronicle), who most recently leaked screenshots of Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse before it was officially revealed. AccountNGT claims that there are two Quantic Dream games in the works: Star Wars Eclipse and a “humor-based” medieval fantasy title.

Quantic Dream’s unannounced game is based on a PlayStation 4 tech demo

Remember The Dark Sorcerer? It was a tech demo created by Quantic Dream for the PS4. Watch a clip below to refresh your memory.

According to AccountNGT, the mystery game is in development at Quantic Dream’s Paris studio, which houses the developer’s core team. It’ll reportedly be “more advanced” than Star Wars Eclipse (whatever that means) and will be a cross-gen title headed to consoles and PC. Its non-linear narrative is being written by – you guessed it – David Cage.

As with Star Wars Eclipse, rumor has it that Quantic Dream is having a hard time recruiting developers following its fall from grace that saw the studio accused of misconduct and fostering a toxic work environment. Quantic Dream lost one lawsuit against a former employee and although it won another lawsuit, it was only on the basis of a technicality. Regardless of what happened in court, developers are reportedly reluctant to work with Cage.

Opinion: Quantic Dream games need to evolve

Zarmena writes… Quantic Dream reminds me a lot of Telltale Games in that it has produced some really memorable games but it’s in dire need of an evolution. Additionally, two simultaneous projects might not work out well for the company if recent reports of Star Wars Eclipse‘s troubled development are true. Nevertheless, I’m intrigued and will have my eyes peeled for this one.

In other news, rumor has it that Sony has a State of Play planned for February 2022 and Techland claims that Dying Light 2 requires 500 hours for full completion.

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