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Rumor: Sly Cooper is ‘Indeed Coming Back,’ No Word on if it Will Be as a PS5 Game

XboxEra’s Nick Baker, perhaps better known as Shpeshal_Nick, has another PlayStation rumor for the pipeline, this one involving the return of yet another of Sony’s dormant franchises. According to Baker, who has allegedly heard it from at least two sources, Sly Cooper is “indeed coming back.” He leaves it at that with no additional details or updates, but says that he reconfirmed with his usual source for Sony leaks.

At this point, what exactly this means for Sly Cooper is completely up in the air. Sly’s return could come in almost any format, from a hypothetical Sly Cooper 5 to a remake or reimagining that takes the thieving racoon and his crew back to their origins. There’s even that Sly Cooper TV show that’s been through tumultuous production and rights battles and still hasn’t seen the light of day. Baker doesn’t mention this being a game at all, PS5 or otherwise.

The original Sly Cooper debuted on the PS2 19 years ago, in 2002. Bringing Sly back for his 20th anniversary next year would be quite the surprise, but it’s unknown who Sony would have lead development on such a project. Originally developed by Sucker Punch, the fourth mainline entry—Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time—was outsourced to Sanzaru Games for development. Sucker Punch had moved on after the third game to focus on inFamous and then Ghost of Tsushima. Sanzaru Games is also unavailable to make a new game in the series, now being owned by Facebook.

Interestingly, recent rumors have also pointed to another Sucker Punch franchise making a comeback: inFamous. Baker was the same one who leaked its possible return, but so far Sony hasn’t shown anything yet. It’s also important to note that Baker does not provide any details on what Sly’s return will entail, so even if he is right, it could simply be a line of products on the PlayStation Gear Shop. Here’s to hoping it’s an actual game, which is all we can do until we hear.

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