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Rumored PlayStation Showcase Release Date Window Reportedly Revealed

Insider Jeff Grubb had previously said that Sony’s rumored PlayStation Showcase could arrive in May. He’s now narrowed that window down even more. And while not a specific release date, Grubb noted that it’s currently set to premiere the week of May 25.

The PlayStation Showcase release date isn’t set in stone

Grubb posted this update on Twitter and explained that he said “week of May 25” because he thinks May 25 is the latest it could happen. He also clarified that he didn’t want to say “week of May 21” because some may have expected it to premiere on that very day, despite it being a Sunday. May 25 also makes more sense since it is a Thursday and State of Plays usually fall on that day of the week. For what it’s worth, the last PlayStation Showcase was also on a Thursday.

Video Games Chronicle Editor Andy Robinson also recently noted that the rumored remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 and a new Castlevania title will be there, too, in addition to corroborating a late May or early June time frame.

Sony has still not announced a PlayStation Showcase for 2023, so it’s still possible that it might come before or after that final week in May. However, the company didn’t hold a big event like that in 2022, and its future is covered in a thick layer of fog, so it seems likely the console maker will be imminently holding some sort of show to shed more light on what PlayStation has in store. Even known titles like The Last of Us’ multiplayer spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Marvel’s Wolverine are shrouded in mystery. Sony also only gave a week heads up last time, so even if the date is accurate, it likely won’t become official until shortly before it premieres.

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