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Saints Row Boss Factory Demo is Live Now on PS5, Xbox, and PC

The rumors turned out to be true. During Summer Game Fest, Volition and Deep Silver dropped the Saints Row Boss Factory demo on PS5 and PS4 that allows players to customize their characters ahead of time so when the game drops on August 23, players can jump straight into the action.

Making the perfect character in Saints Row Boss Factory

Saints Row Boss Factory gives players thousands of character customization options to create their perfect Boss Santo Ileso before the game is even released. This includes “teeth, tans, and tattoos to muscles, mouths, and make-up, all colors of skin and hair, along with veins, voices, and a variety of emotes.” There are even prosthetics for every limb. Then there are the outfit choices with countless color options. The asymmetrical face customization gives players the option to make the two sides of their face look completely different too. And yes, you can be completely naked if you like.

Once the masterpiece is complete, players can upload it to the Cloud with a share code that will allow them to transfer it into their game, or for anybody else to use that character too. The demo’s website has a gallery of Bosses players have already created. Up until the game is released on August 23, there will be Boss Factory weekly challenges with special prizes. Anybody who uses the Boss Factory demo will get two free DJ helmets for their Boss that will unlock in the game. Those who register for a Saints Row Account will also get the Marshall Rocket Launcher as a free weapon.

In other news, Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann are working on a brand new game, although it was too early to reveal anything more. Elsewhere, The Last of Us multiplayer game will have a complex story, a brand new cast of characters, and a new location in San Francisco.

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