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Samsung says its new 256GB Pro Endurance microSD cards can write for 16 years straight

Samsung has announced the Samsung Pro Endurance, a new microSD card that puts durability and reliability above all else.

Unlike most other memory cards, microSD or otherwise, the Samsung Pro Endurance doesn’t focus on speed. Instead, it focuses on reliability for use-cases when you need to be constantly writing to or reading from the card. It’s target market is certainly for more commercial purposes, such as in security cameras, body cameras and dashcams, which are constantly recording video, but its long lifespan also makes it a reasonable option for photo and video use cases where you might be recording timelapses or hyperlapse videos over extended periods of time.

According to Samsung, the 256GB model can continuously be written to for 16 years with sustained speeds of 3.25 MB/s, over three times the length of Samsung’s previous-generation Endurance cards. That number halves as the capacities halve, with Samsung claiming the 128GB, 64GB and 32GB cards promise continuous write lifetimes of eight years, four years and two years, respectively. The cards are also water-resistant and safe for use in extreme operating temperatures, ranging from -25°C (-13°F) to 85°C (185°F).

Speed isn’t the Samsung Pro Endurance’s specialty, but it does offer reasonable write speeds up to 40MB/s with a Class 10 rating and V30 specification, ensuring write speeds never drop below 30MB/s. This should make it a viable option for almost all 1080p video and even most compressed 4K video, such as that found in GoPro action cameras and most DJI drones.

The Samsung Pro Endurance is available in capacities from 32GB (for $10.99) to 256GB (for $54.99). It comes with a microSD to SD adapter and