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Scarlet Nexus Devs Want to Make a Mature Sequel

Scarlet Nexus game director Kenji Anabuki and producer Keita Iizuka have said that although Bandai Namco Entertainment hasn’t announced any plans for a sequel, they’d love to work on one. Speaking to Inverse, the duo said that they were pleased with the game’s critic reception and response from fans, and would like to make a sequel with a more mature tone.

Scarlet Nexus 2 would further explore superpowers

“If there is a sequel, I would personally want to utilize the ‘superpower’ theme in areas other than battles,” Anabuki said. “The world and settings of the story could potentially be created to suit an even more mature audience; by exploring themes like the dangers of having or using superpowers.”

However, Anabuki hasn’t thought about the direction he would take when it comes to the sequel’s narrative. “Maybe it will continue from the original Scarlet Nexus story or be based on the game’s worlds and characteristics,” he added. “At this moment, I couldn’t tell.”

Scarlet Nexus 2 would support both console generations

Scarlet Nexus developers are keen to support both current-gen and last-gen platforms. From their interview with Inverse, it’s evident that both Anabuki and Iizuka value the game’s community and the support they’ve shown. “I hope to keep hearing from you all in the future,” Anabuki added. “Your voices build the future for the Scarlet Nexus IP.”

Scarlet Nexus holds a Metacritic score of 80/100 on the PlayStation 5. According to Bandai Namco, the game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass boosted its visibility and publicity, and its developers seem very thankful that the publisher struck a deal with Microsoft.

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