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Sea of Thieves Details PS5 Pre-Order Bonus and More

Sea of Thieves Details PS5 Pre-Order Bonus and More

Longtime Xbox and PC exclusive Sea of Thieves finally comes to PS5 on April 30. In addition to taking advantage of the PS5’s DualSense controller, the game also has an exclusive pre-order bonus. Developer Rare also has additional rewards for participants in Sea of Thieves closed PS5 beta.

Rare explains Sea of Thieves PS5 pre-order bonus, beta rewards, and cross-play

Rare detailed Sea of Thieves’ pre-order bonus and beta rewards, among other things, in an FAQ. Players who pre-order the game have access to the exclusive Ruby Viper weapon skins, the Scarlet Storm Parakeet, and two Parakeet Costumes. It also grants access to the closed beta, and beta participants can unlock the Dauntless Adventurer Sails and an exclusive title. These cosmetics are all PS5 exclusive and non-transferable, so pre-ordering is the only way to get them. The PS5 port also offers a unique Sail as an early adopter bonus, though that item is still in development.

The FAQ also touched on things like cross-play and transferring characters between devices. Cross-play between PS5, Xbox, and PC are enabled by default. However, PS5 players can turn off cross-play or set it only to allow controller users. Additionally, Sea of Thieves will allow players to invite friends from both their PlayStation and Xbox friends list, making it easier to set up cross-play sessions.

Fans who already have Sea of Thieves on Xbox or PC can choose to transfer their characters and items to PS5. However, they will still need to buy a separate PS5 copy. Multiplayer users will also need to pay the subscription for their chosen console, PS Plus for PlayStation, and Game Pass for Xbox. Finally, as previously confirmed, PS5 players must still sign in to or create a free Microsoft account to play the game.

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