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Silent Hill: A Short Message Rated in South Korea

Silent Hill: A Short Message, seemingly an as-yet-unannounced new Silent Hill project, has received an age rating in South Korea. The rating lists the publisher as UNIANA, a company responsible for publishing various Konami games in Korea.

When a game is rated, that typically means that it is on its way toward a release. However, Konami has remained tight-lipped about any upcoming Silent Hill games up until this point, despite a number of leaks reportedly pertaining to a new game in the survival horror series.

Why Silent Hill: A Short Message could be a PS5 demo

One such leak was reportedly a demo for a new Silent Hill game, allegedly codenamed Sakura. This playable concept could potentially be A Short Message, given that the game’s title suggests this will be a shorter experience for players rather than a full-fledged new entry in the series.

According to the leak, the demo will be available to download on PS5, with no other platforms listed. This could mean that, similar to the ill-fated Silent Hills playable concept P.T., Silent Hill: A Short Message will be a PlayStation exclusive. This suggestion is supported by industry insider Jeff Grubb, who previously tweeted that was a strong chance that the game would exclusively make its way to the PS5.

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