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Silent Hill f New Story Heads to 1960’s Japan

Silent Hill f could turn out to be the dark horse of today’s Silent Hill Transmission. The only game to not leak out before the show, Silent Hill f will feature a new story that heads to 1960s Japan. No platforms have been revealed for the game, nor is there a release date. In fact, most details have been left to the imagination.

What is Silent Hill f?

Silent Hill f will feature a completely new story that is “set in 1960’s Japan featuring a beautiful, yet horrifying world.” The story will be written by Ryūkishi07, who is renowned for his Japanese visual novels dealing with murder mysteries, and psychological and supernatural horror, such as the When They Cry series. Taiwan-based NeoBards Entertainment is in charge of development duties, and they already have experience in the survival horror genre with Resident Evil Resistance and the Resident Evil Origins collection for Nintendo Switch.

So what does the f stand for? Flowers? Fungus? Fear? Fright? Flesh Falling oFF Face? We’re not entirely sure, but all of these feature in the all-too-brief teaser trailer that seemingly features a town taken over by an all-consuming floral fungus. One of multiple Silent Hill games in development, Silent Hill f will bring the franchise out of the United States for the first time, but the game doesn’t seem to have lost any of its tense atmosphere in the transfer.

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