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Skate 4 Developer Talks New Tricks and Animations

Skate 4 Developer Talks New Tricks and Animations

Skate 4 developer Full Circle has released another episode of its developer diary series. The team took this installment to focus on how it captures tricks and revealed some features and animations coming to the highly anticipated game.

The Skate 4 developers are still working on the title

According to the various developers in the video, new mechanics are being implemented into Skate, which opens the door for a whole new set of tricks. The video doesn’t go too in-depth on every type of trick, but does mention that new wallies, slappies, boned ollies, variable speed flip tricks, and held flip tricks have all been added.

The developers also discuss the various decisions that they have to make while incorporating new tricks. Regarding wallies and slappies — tricks that involve jumping onto a wall and grinding without doing an ollie, respectively — the team mentions that they have to figure out how to best get the trick working, whether it be an automatic animation or something players have to specifically input.

The video also briefly touches on the desire of the developers to remain faithful to the original Skate series. They said their focus is to ensure that players get both a grounded, realistic skating game while also being able to pull off some over-the-top moves.

Skate doesn’t have a release date, but it will be the first entry in the franchise since 2010. The three installments all received critical and commercial acclaim for providing a more realistic alternative to the over-the-top action in Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games.

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