Skate 4 Will Be a Free-to-Play, Live-Service Game With Cross-Play and Cross-Progression


According to a recent dev diary, Skate 4 (which EA titled “Skate.”) will be a free-to-play game with live service components. The game will be funded by microtransactions, which will primarily center around “cosmetics and convenience” according to Head of Product Management Isabelle Mocquard. In the same video, developer Full Circle announced that the game would support cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms.

New Skate game to be free-to-play

While past games in the Skate series have been premium titles, Skate 4 will be free-to-play. According to Full Circle, that doesn’t mean it’ll be pay-to-win, despite the fact it’ll be offering microtrasnactions centering around “convenience.” The team stated there won’t be loot boxes or map-based DLC and that the game is being created around a “no barriers” strategy.

Fashion has had a consistent presence in the skating world, leaving plenty of room for collaborations and microtransactions. However, some fans have voiced their anxiety about this. Character customization is a big part of previous Skate games, and long-time fans don’t want to see cosmetic choices limited because of microtransactions. Full Circle hasn’t revealed many details behind Skate 4’s live service scheme. Still, players are already predicting that the grind for cosmetics and FOMO will be the driving force behind the gameplay, not skating.

The game is still in early alpha and has a long way to go until completion. We know there will be cross-progression and cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but we don’t know what content the final game will contain. Previous entries in the series had a robust single-player focus. However, Skate 4 is concentrating on multiplayer, which might alienate those who fell in love with past Skate titles.

In other news, God of War: Ragnarok pre-orders go live tomorrow, and Konami is bringing back previously delisted Metal Gear games.

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