Slideshow: 2021 World Landscape Photographer competition winners


2021 World Landscape Photographer competition winners

Over 1,400 photographers entered the 2021 World Landscape Photographer competition, with 6,512 total images being submitted for judging. When all was said and done, only six images were award prizes, including the overall winning image titled ‘Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland,’ captured by photographer Felix Sproll.

The World Landscape Photographer competition was founded in 2020 by landscape photographer Nigel Danson. ‘The aim of the competition is to raise as much money for charity as possible whilst bringing together the best nature photographers from around the world in a competition,’ says Danson.

Originally, the competition was meant to be a one-off project, but due to its success in its innaugural year, Danson decided to repeat it and further make an impact by donating money raised from the competition to environmental causes.

The following gallery showcases the overall winning photograph, as well as the second through sixth place winners.

Overall Winner — Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland by Felix Sproll

Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland by Felix Sproll

Nikon D750
Tamron 100-400mm f4.5-6.3
100mm 1/640s f11 ISO 200


I had visited this area on the west coast of Ireland several times during rough seas, the last time, just after a storm with 30ft swell but with offshore winds but the waves just didn’t look as big and intimidating as I wanted. So, I returned when there was another big winter storm but this time with a strong onshore wind to whip up the sea. The wind was bitter cold and blowing the sea spray well inshore, making it difficult to look out to sea never mind shot. It was also extremely difficult to pick out a subject or composition with the sea being a massive ever-changing mess. I enjoyed the experience of feeling nature’s force, as the wind and waves battered the coast, and didn’t worry about pictures too much. As I explored the coast, I eventually came across this scene. The waves showed their true size with the cliffs for scale, some even bouncing off the cliffs and coming back to hit the next wave sending it even higher into the air. The cold was forgotten as I shot the scene for the next hour.

2nd Place — Spring Congregation by Will Milner

Spring Congregation by Will Milner

Nikon D810
Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD
56mm f5.6 1/15s ISO 400


Springtime in the ancient beech woodland of the Chiltern hills can really be an ethereal experience under the right conditions. I initially stumbled upon this intimate little scene earlier in the year, I was drawn to the gnarled trunks of the stunted Beech trees and couldn’t wait to revisit again in spring. The verdant greens of the young beech leaves coupled with vibrant patches of bluebells all tempered by a thin layer of murk certainly did not disappoint.

3rd Place — Loughor Estuary by Ludwig Esser

Loughor Estuary by Ludwig Esser

Nikon D610
Nikkor AF-P 70-300mm 1;4.5-5.6E VR ED
300mm f11 2s ISO 200


The Loughor Estuary on the north side of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales at low tide after sunset. The sky is reflected in the still waters of the riverbed channels that are created by the changing tides.

4th Place — Knudshoved by Troels Bjerre

Knudshoved by Troels Bjerre

Canon EOS 6D
Canon EF 70-200 mm f/4.0 L IS USM
111mm f13 0.6s ISO 400


Frozen sea spray on fishing stakes on the island of Funen in the danish archipelago. Funen means “where the wind blows” and on this cold morning where the wind cuts through the skin it seems very fitting.

5th Place — Ruska by Antonio Fernandez

Ruska by Antonio Fernandez

Nikon D810
Nikon 80-400 mm
210mm f16 1/30s ISO 400


It snowed all night long in this Finnish autumn. The next morning, the landscape had become an immense white canvas on which a multitude of ochre, yellow, green brushstrokes were painted… Above it, in the silence, the flight of flocks of birds migrating, once again, to the south of Europe.

6th Place — Dead Trees in Mist by Brian Clark

Dead Trees in Mist by Brian Clark

Nikon D800
Nikkor 28-70mm f2.8
57mm f11 1/60s ISO 100


This image was made in Yellowstone National Park on a February morning when the temperature was minus 20C. The early morning mist initially shrouded everything but gradually it cleared to reveal this stark minimalist scene.

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