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Slideshow: Open Shortlist and Category winners for the Sony World Photography Awards

Open Shortlist and Category winners for the Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography Awards, in partnership with the World Photography Organisation, announced the top 130 images for their Shortlist and Open competition. Photographers from all over the world submitted standalone images to the following categories: Architecture, Creative, Landscape, Lifestyle, Motion, Natural World & Wildlife, Object, Portraiture, Street Photography, and Travel.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks from the Open and Shortlist categories. Photographer of the Year will be announced on April 15th.

Open Competition, Travel, Category Winner: ‘Drying Fish’ by Khan Phan (Vietnam)

About this Photo: A woman dries trays of fish at Long Hai fish market in the Vung Tau province of Vietnam. Thousands of trays of scad are dried on rooftops and in yards by hundreds of workers. I came to Long Hai on a photo trip and was overwhelmed by the scale of the fishing village.

Open Competition, Motion, Category Winner: ‘Girl Power’ by Marijo Maduna (Croatia)

About this Photo: A young girl shows off her skills, diving from a cliff on the island of Lokrum in Croatia.

Open Competition, Street Photography, Category Winner: ‘Disinfection’ by F.Dilek Uyar (Turkey)

About this Photo: During the coronavirus pandemic, the Health Affairs unit of Ankara Municipality sprays all public transportation, day and night.

Open Competition, Architecture, Category Winner: ‘The Blue Window’ by Klaus Lenzen (Germany)

About this photo: The stairs at the Hyatt hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Open Competition, Lifestyle, Category Winner: ‘Días de Playa’ by Mariano Belmar (Spain)

About this Photo: Summer, Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Alicante, beach and morning walk: a way of life.

Open Competition, Travel, Shortlist: ‘Voyage’ by Hiroki Nose (Japan)

About this Photo: This is Mount Fuji in winter, as seen from Hakone. I wanted to make an image that appeared almost to be a watercolour painting, which is why I chose to visit on a cloudy day.

Open Competition, Travel, Shortlist: ‘Hamer Family, Turmi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia’ by Marios Forsos (Greece)

About this Photo: Although by far the most populous ethnic group in the Omo Valley, the Hamer are spread over a very large area, mostly in very small villages, still living pretty much as their ancestors did decades ago. While there are modern influences, for the most part, in their daily lives, they still dress very traditionally and live in cohesion with their environment.

Open Competition, Street Photography, Shortlist: ‘Redyk’ by Bartlomiej Jurecki (Poland)

About this Photo: Redyk is a traditional annual march of shepherds with their sheep. Each summer, the sheep are taken high up into the mountains to graze for a few months; in October, they return to the villages for winter – an event that is much celebrated. Shepherds lead the flock through the villages, while locals welcome them with music and cheering. Despite the traffic problems it causes, everybody is happy to see them. During the summer grazing, the shepherds sleep in small wooden houses without electricity or running water. All they have is what nature provides.

Open Competition, Portraiture, Shortlist: ‘Road Construction’ by Shirsendu Banerjee (India)

About this Photo: A portrait of labour.

Open Competition, Object, Shortlist: ‘Shirt on Washing Line’ by Steve Chandler (United Kingdom)

About this Photo: Green Fred Perry shirt on the washing line.

Open Competition, Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Leopard Foals’ by Inger Rønnenfelt (Denmark)

About this Photo: I photographed these leopard fillies when I visited a leopard horse breeder who lives outside Copenhagen. She has 24 of these horses and I was in heaven. It’s a very old breed that can even be seen in cave paintings in France.

Open Competition, Motion, Shortlist: ‘Balance Me’ by Tadiwanashe Murowe (Zimbabwe)

About this Photo: I shot this image of my cousin trying to balance a pineapple on his head. It was difficult and I had to react quickly as the pineapple kept falling, but in this image his expression and body movement was perfectly in sync with the roof’s shadow. The image is titled ‘Balance Me’ and colloquially, where I come from, this means ‘explain to me’ or ‘make me understand.’

Open Competition, Lifestyle, Shortlist: ‘After Show’ by Alexey Tsiler (Russian Federation)

About this photo: Ballet backstage.

Open Competition, Landscape, Shortlist: ‘The End’ by Kevin Frank (Switzerland)

About this Photo: A small meltwater creek ends in the big sea. Taken from a small plane in Iceland.

Open Competition, Creative, Shortlist: ‘Chameleon’ by Georgе Shpuntov (Russian Federation)

About this Photo: What is hidden behind the human shell? Whether good or bad, it is only by removing all the tinsel that you can see the soul.