Slideshow: The winning and shortlisted images for the inaugural ‘Superb Owl’ photo competition


Winning and Shortlisted images for the inaugural Superb Owl Awards 2022

To celebrate Super Bowl LVI, football betting website held its inaugural Superb Owl Awards, wherein people were asked to submit their photographs and artwork of the ‘Most Valuable Owl,’ otherwise known as MVO. Last week, the shortlist was announced and over this past weekend, the winners were chosen for both the photograph and illustration categories.

The shortlisted images were selected by ex-football linebacker and wildlife photography fan Jake Ryan. From the shortlist, the public voted on the winning images in both the photo and illustration categories, with those titles going to Daniel Graovac for the photography winner and Shelly Tellier for the artistic winner, respectively.

The winners for each of the categories are receiving prizes from a pool of $10,000, which includes a ‘vacation of a lifetime.’ The following images showcases the shortlisted images from the photography category.

Overall Photograph Category Winner— Dan Graovac

Photo by Dan Graovac.

Shortlisted Photograph — Jennil Modar

Shortlisted Photograph — Andrew Ross

Shortlisted Photograph — Bradley D. Gulstad

Shortlisted Photograph — Brett Goldstock

Shortlisted Photograph — Shannon Modla

Shortlisted Photograph — Kurt Bowman

Shortlisted Photograph — Karim Bouzidi Idrissi

Shortlisted Photograph — Jon Buford

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