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Slideshow: Winners of the 2022 Epson International Pano Awards

Winners of the 2022 Epson International Pano Awards

The winners and finalists have been announced for the annual Epson International Pano Awards. 4,197 images from 1,197 photographers in 98 countries were submitted. Jinyi He, from China, was declared Open Photographer of the Year for not one, but three, panos submitted including ‘Purple World’ – which can be found below.

‘I’m deeply honored to receive 2022 Epson Pano Award as Open Photographer of the Year. It is very special for me to get recognized for the works shot in my childhood hometown Xinjiang, China. As a landscape photographer, I’m always passionate about exploring majestic Chinese landscapes rarely known to western photographers,’ He says of his trio of winning images.

‘The Vein’ is stitched by 40 photos. I operated my drone to capture these 90 degrees aerial view photos at 40 appropriate points (5 rows and 8 columns) of the canyon in order to get whole canyon aerial view. Nature is an artist, and it reminds me of an abstract painting,’ says Jinyi He of his winning image.

The entire gallery of winners can be found on the Pano Awards competition’s website.

2022 Open Photographer of the Year: ‘Purple World’ by Jinyi He (China)

Artist Statement: May is the blooming season in Xinjiang. Before dawn a local herdsman brought us to this paradise. After I set up my tripod, I was waiting for the wind stop and the sun to rise. When the sky colour turned to purple and the snowy mountains were getting bright gradually, I began capturing this beautiful scenery with my Fuji GFX100s.

Finally, I captured 48 photos to create this work. Each 4 photos were used in focus stacking in one frame, then I stitched these 12 images to get this one panorama photo.

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Volcano in the Clouds’ by Luis Manuel Vilarño Lopez

Location: Iceland

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Sandstone City’ by Nickolas Warner

Location: Saudi Arabia

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Stranger Lands’ by Juan Lopez Ruiz

Location: Arizona, USA

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Arch Window’ by David Swindler

Location: California, USA

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Eternal Wave’ by Elliot McGucken

Location: The Wave, Coyote Buttes North, Arizona, USA

Open, Built/Environment: ‘Occulus Ceiling’ by Tudor ApMadoc

Location: New York City

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Before Sunrise’ by Yunhsuan Lee

Location: Faroe Islands

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘The Pocket Tree’ by Juan Lopez Ruiz

Location: Arizona, USA

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Full Moon Horse Riders’ by David Swindler

Location: Wyoming, USA

Amateur, Built/Environment: ‘Vancouver Whitecaps’ by Richard Wilson

Location: Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Glacier Light’ by Yan Zhang

Location: Tasman Glacier, New Zealand

Open Nature/Landscape, Top 50: ‘Fiery Factory’ by Taylor Duncan

Location: Hanksville, Utah, United States