Slideshow: Winners of the All About Photo Awards 2020, The Mind’s Eye competition


Winners of the All About Photo Awards 2020, The Mind’s Eye competition

AAP Magazine has announced the winners and finalists for its 2020 All About Photo Awards, The Mind’s Eye competition. 10 judges representing AAP, along with professional photographers, selected 40 images from a pool of entrants from 23 countries and 5 continents. The winning image, ‘Porter,’ was taken by Tom Price from the United Kingdom. It portrays the plight of relocated migrant workers.

The top 5 winners were awarded a cash prize of $10,000 and will be exhibited on Daylighted’s digital platform in an online worldwide exhibition. They’ll also be printed in AAP’s ‘Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2021’ physical magazine. The entire winners gallery can be viewed here.

Photographer of the Year 2021: Tom Price (UK)

Image: Untitled
Series: Porters

Description: In 2016, I created a series of portraits featuring market porters in Asia’s largest wholesale market – Barabazar in Kolkata. I was initially drawn to these subjects because of their herculean task of carrying implausibly-sized objects through the bustle of a mega market.

As I photographed these workers in isolation, separated from the throng of their industry, I discovered that many of the subjects had travelled far from their homes for this work, leaving families and familiarity behind in order to earn a living.

In 2020, I collaborated with Featherwax to relocate these portraits into a more surreal landscape. This series is an attempt at representing something of the experience of the migrant labourer; the sense of dislocation, the burden of their work and the courage it takes to make ends meet.

2nd Place Winner: Joshua Irwandi (Indonesia)

Series: The Human Cost of COVID-19

Description: The body of a suspected coronavirus victim, wrapped in yellow infectious waste plastic bags and wrappers, lies on the patient’s deathbed awaiting a body bag in a hospital in Indonesia. The wrapping of the patient, which takes two nurses a full hour to complete, is intended to suppress the spread of coronavirus. As mandated by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the wrapping of the body is a standard procedure for every suspected, comorbid, and positive confirmed COVID-19 death.

5th Place Winner: Javier Vergara (Chile)

Image: Chile Resists

Description: Demonstrators protect themselves with a shield from water cannon used by the Special Police Forces during protests in Chile.

November 11th, 2019, Santiago, Chile.

Merit Gallery Winner: Pedro Jarque (Peru)

Image: King vulture
Series: “Fragile”

Description: The kingdom of the king vulture extends from the south of Mexico to the south of Argentina. Abundant in the Amazon jungle of Peru where it is known as “Cóndor de la selva” (jungle condor), it is a bird of prey of intense colors and fulfills an essential task of cleaning the environment, although one of its main threats is deforestation or the ingestion of poison through carrion.

Merit Gallery Winner: Paul Kessel (USA)

Image: Q Train
Series: Subway

Description: After a full day of shooting at Coney Island, I was on the subway going back to Manhattan. I felt annoyed that I came away without a photograph worth keeping when I looked up and saw this striking family sitting across from me. I realized that my day wasn’t over and I started making candid photos of them. Somehow I was not seen even though there were several shots. This is a definitive example of the role of luck in candid street photography.”

Merit Gallery Winner: Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia)

Title: Poems For Sisters

Description: Inspired by historical movie about princesses on Choseon Era (North Korea)

Merit Gallery Winner: Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra (Spain)

Image: Monster

Description: This close-up portrait of a Violet Dropwing (Trithemis annulata) Damselfly was taken in a gloomy location, covered by fog most of the day. It is an area of riverside vegetation with high-density water-rich oxygen. The Damselfly was somewhat dormant and I was able to take about 40 shots with a portable battery- powered electronic rail. Damselflies are found mainly near shallow freshwater and their nymphs are aquatic – Damselfly eggs are laid in water and that is where the nymphs develop. Damselflies are considered beneficial bugs because they eat other & more harmful, bugs.

Merit Gallery Winner: Chin Leong Teo (Japan)

Title: Two Headed Viper

Description: The Blue Insularis is a highly venomous pit viper sub-species native to Southeast Asia. This is a photo of a specimen swallowing a frog whole, as another moves in to investigate. At a glance, it looks as if this is a mystical snake with two heads.

Merit Gallery Winner: Phuoc Hoai Nguyen (Vietnam)

Image: Heart of the sea

Description: The fishermen in Phu Yen are catching fish every morning.The fishermen are strongly lifting the net out the water. From above, the net look like a heart of the sea. To fishermen who live here, catching full of fish is not only their happiness but also the mental present that the nature gave them.

Merit Gallery Winner: Jakub Wawrzak (Poland)

Image: Outside the image No. 1
Series: Outside the image

Description: Tadeusz Gapinski dedicated his life to painting. It was a hard life, on which the disease has left it’s mark. In childhood, thanks to his mother, he discovered the beauty of this world and he learned to observe nature closely. Through continual capturing secluded places and changing landscapes of his hometown (Torun) he became an important part of it. His work is an antidote to loneliness, escape into the world of memories and nostalgia, longing for a better life and happy childhood moments.

Merit Gallery Winner: Robert Sturman (United States)

Image: Portrait of Staff Sergeant Dan Nevins — U. S. Army Operation Iraqi Freedom 2.
Series: Help Vets Heal

Description: Veteran turned yoga teacher. Pictured on Coronado Island, California.

Merit Gallery Winner: Hilary Hurt (Kenya)

Image: Dust Storm on the Omo River, Ethiopia

Description: I was traveling by boat along the Omo River when suddenly a dust storm came out of nowhere. We stopped to take shelter from storm and in the next moment this beautiful Dassanech lady came to the waters edge to secure her dug out canoe- followed by a wonderful group of curious kids. I just love the somewhat errie silhouettes set against the soft light caused by all the dust in the air.

Merit Gallery Winner: Jordi Cohen (Spain)


Description: Women and girls separated by a network at the Lag Baomer celebration in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish quarter of Mea Shearim (Jerusalem, Israel).

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