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Sniper Elite 5 Invasion Mode Takes Deathloop into World War II

Rebellion gave us a hint at a new feature Sniper Elite 5 will introduce to the series when it releases later this year. Invasion Mode will task an Axis sniper against the Allied protagonist, bringing a new dimension to the campaign. The asymmetric multiplayer mode should challenge even the most hardened Sniper Elite fans as they have to hunt down their targets while being hunted by the enemy.

What is Invasion Mode in Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5‘s Invasion Mode is similar in principle to what we saw in last year’s Deathloop. Allied players will still have a set of goals to achieve in a mission which typically entails taking down an Axis officer or official. In past games, players had to sneak or fight their way past AI-controlled soldiers, but in the latest game in the series, a human player will be able to face off against them as an Axis sniper.

When an Axis sniper has joined the game, the Allied players will be notified that they’re being hunted. In addition, Axis players can tag a soldier to enable the Eagle Eyes ability, which will mark the Allied player if that soldier spots them. The Axis sniper can also buff AI troops and increase their awareness.

Allied snipers also have tools to help fight their Axis counterparts. Phones are scattered throughout each map that Allies can use to discover the last known location of the Axis sniper. However, these phones can be booby-trapped. Also, overusing them will notify the Axis player and show them the Allied sniper’s location.

Invasion Mode has its own unlocks as well. Both Axis and Allied players can unlock skins, weapons, and items. Allied snipers will also get an XP boost for having Invasion Mode enabled.

Of course, Sniper Elite 5 does let players turn off Invasion Mode for a traditional playthrough. However, Rebellion CTO Chris Kingsley recommends that everyone who plays the game should try it at least once.

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