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Sony Has Filed a Trademark Application for PSX (PlayStation Experience)

Remember PlayStation Experience? It looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t completely shelved the event after all as folks over at Gaming Route spotted a recently-filed trademark application for PSX. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the application was filed last Friday, June 11th.

Sony has been hosting its digital State of Play events, but they certainly haven’t filled the void left behind by PSX, which was last held in 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. In the U.S. the last event was held in 2017.

Now that the world is opening back up following a devastating pandemic, it’s possible that Sony is considering a physical return, but with many companies now opting for digital events, an online showcase is more of a possibility than a physical event at present.

The trademark application for PSX has been filed under International Class 041, which USPTO describes as follows:

Arranging, organizing, and conducting exhibitions and conferences in the fields of entertainment and video games for non-business purposes and non-commercial purposes; Arranging and organizing online shows featuring video game playing and news; Entertainment services, namely, live performances featuring video game playing and news; Educational services, namely, conducting conferences, meeting, and networking events for professionals and consumers in the field of gaming; Entertainment services in the nature of providing news and information on current events and gaming via the internet, websites, podcasts, webcasts, webisodes, blogs, and videos. The applicant has a bona fide intention, and is entitled, to use the mark in commerce on or in connection with the identified goods/services.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: USPTO via MP1st, Gaming Route]

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