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Sony Prepares for Major Cloud Gaming Push

Sony may be preparing for a major push into cloud gaming following the demise of Google Stadia. The company is currently hiring for more than 20 positions related to cloud game streaming at PlayStation as Sony aims to put their console games on any device.

Sony has created the Future Technology Group for cloud gaming

Sony is recruiting for 22 roles to “develop and deliver the strategic vision for cloud game streaming at PlayStation” at the Future Technology Group (FTG) according to job listings spotted by The Verge. The main aim of FTG is to “lead the charge in the cloud gaming revolution” and put “console-quality video games on any device”.

The job listings also suggest that Sony is no longer working with Microsoft to develop its cloud technology. Instead, the company seems to be creating a new hybrid cloud infrastructure with Amazon Web Services.

Sony has been working with cloud technology for a while. A cloud gaming patent from Sony was discovered at the start of this year, while PlayStation’s Haven Studios has been looking to create a new cloud-based game development system. There may even be a new PlayStation cloud gaming handheld device in the works if recent rumors are to be believed, but it will likely be a while before we see the fruits of this latest cloud gaming push.

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