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Sony Toying With Temperature Changing PlayStation Controllers

Imagine a PS5 controller that gets warm and cold in players’ hands depending on certain items they’re interacting with in a game. That’s the concept Sony has been toying with for nearly a decade at least, and according to a new patent filing, it still is.

Could a temperature changing PS5 controller become a reality?

We’re firmly in the camp of “never say never” but patents hardly ever come to fruition. Nevertheless, it’s interest to see that Sony’s still fiddling with an idea that first cropped up in 2012.

Back then, Sony filed a patent that would make the PS3 Move motion controller (remember those?) become hot and cold depending on what’s happening in the game. Now, a newly-published patent, spotted by Exputer, suggests that Sony’s modified its original idea.

The new patent discusses a controller that contains a sensor with deformable elastic that “detects user’s contact with or deforming action of the elastic member, and outputs an electric signal based on the detected contact or deforming action in question.”

The controller would use gel-like flexible materials to “enrich haptic experiences.” So imagine picking up a block of ice in a game for whatever reason, and the controller triggering a response that makes it feel a bit cold to the touch.

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