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Sony Unveils New Details About Its Access Controller for PS5

Sony has unveiled new information about its new Access controller ahead of the December 6 launch of the accessibility-focused add-on for the PlayStation 5. The in-depth look at the controller, designed to make PS5 gaming more accessible to players with disabilities, includes details about its design process. It also includes a preview of accessories designed to extend the functionality of the Access controller.

Sony releases new info about its Access controller and the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access controller add-on

In a new post on the official PlayStation blog, Sony has given players more information about the creation of the Access controller and how it has the potential to reshape the way gamers with disabilities enjoy their favorite PS5 titles.

Originally announced at CES 2023, the Access controller is a modular device meant to make PS5 games accessible for disabled players who are unable to use the DualSense controller comfortably. Players can swap out components as necessary to make the Access controller fit their needs, and can even pair it with a second Access controller or DualSense to extend its functionality.

Sony’s blog post covers the development process for the Access controller, revealing the many iterations it underwent before taking on its final form. Beginning work on the project five years ago, Sony went through numerous prototypes for the Access controller that it continued to build on with feedback from accessibility experts and gamers with disabilities. Incorporating this feedback at every stage of the design process allowed Sony to create a device that can easily adapt to the needs of players.

The $89.99 Access controller even comes in a box meant to emphasize accessibility, featuring a design that is openable with a single hand.

In addition to giving gamers more details about what’s included in the box for the Access controller, the post also unveiled the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller. Developed in collaboration with Sony and designed to be paired with the Access controller, the Logitech accessory will be available for $79.99 beginning in January 2024. It includes eight customizable buttons and triggers, gaming mats with a hook and loop system that lets players create their own controller layouts, Velcro ties for mounting components to other objects, and stick-on labels to mark buttons and triggers.

With accessibility in video games becoming a frequent topic of discussion among both developers and players, Sony’s Access controller is a big move in the right direction.

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