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Sony’s flagship a1 camera appears to be using an exclusive IMX610 image sensor

Japanese photography site, DC Life, has pinned down the sensor Sony is using inside its flagship a1 camera system. In searching through the Tech Insights database, DC Life discovered the Sony a1 is using the IMX610, a sensor that appears to be exclusive to Sony for its flagship camera system.

According to Tech Insight’s data, the details of the IMX610 were first released back on July 15, 2021. Since then, two more entries for the 50MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor have been added with additional details. As it does with other sensors, processors and other tech components, Tech Insights’ data on the IMX610 can be purchased by competitors or others in the industry to get a better idea of what Sony is offering.

Tech Insights’ ‘Device Essentials’ package includes ‘a one to three page summary of observed device metrics and salient features’ as well as detailed images of the sensor. Tech Insights says the following images are included in the kit:

  • Downstream product teardown
  • Package X-rays, die photograph, non-invasive optical photos of die features
  • SEM imaging of the pixel array delayered to the metal, transistor, and diffusion levels
  • Exploratory cross-section SEM imaging of the general pixel array and peripheral structures

As DC Life points out, the IMX610 isn’t listed anywhere on Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ website, suggesting it’s not available for other companies to purchase and exclusively being used by Sony’s a1 camera at this time.