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: Spacebase Startopia (PS5) – Deep Space, Shallow Management Sim

In space, no one can see you disco dance.

Spacebase Startopia is a management simulator based on Startopia, released way back in 2001 on PC. Much like in the original, you’re put in charge of a series of doughnut-shaped bases that you’ll need to turn into fun places for aliens to live, work, and play. Every visitor has a wallet filled with Energy that you’ll need to tempt them into spending by keeping them entertained and fulfilling all their needs.

There’s some story going on about wars between different alien races and how this has decimated this region of space. These bases are supposedly vital in helping different species come together in peace and harmony. It’s mostly guff that isn’t particularly important or memorable, but the game does throw in lots of silly sci-fi jokes and, while most of them are painfully cheesy, they may occasionally get a smile out of you.

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