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Spawn, Ash Williams, Skeletor, & More Come to Call of Duty

Several characters from popular franchises like Spawn, Evil Dead, Hellsing, and more have been announced to be arriving in Call of Duty for the massive Halloween update.

The skins will be available to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 once the game launches. The new Season is set to launch on Wednesday, September 27 at 9 a.m. PT.

Which characters are coming to Call of Duty?

To start, the Season 6 Battle Pass will immediately unlock Al Simmons — Spawn’s Mortal World identity — as an Operator upon being purchased. Spawn in his iconic costume is a Tier 0 and Tier 100 skin, while the other available Spawn skins are as follows:

  • Burned Spawn (Al Simmons Skin)
  • Creepy Clown (Fender Skin)
  • Violator (König Skin)
  • Disruptor (Horangi Skin)
  • Soul Crusher (Vega Skin)
  • Nikto Spawn (Nikto Skin)

You can see the different Spawn skins in the gallery below:

Beyond Spawn, Inarius and Lilith from Diablo are Operators alongside He-Man’s Skeletor, Evil Dead 2’s Ash Williams, and Hellsing’s Alucard will be store offerings. Their details, as noted on the Call of Duty blog, are as follows:

Inarius (Diablo) and Lilith (Diablo)

The Burning Hells arrives in Call of Duty. Diablo-themed Bundles make their fiery appearance, complete with the Queen of the Succubi Lilith and the fallen archangel Inarius as Operators.

Skeletor (Overlord of Evil)

Become the true Overlord of Evil with the Skeletor Bundle, complete with a Skeletor Operator, as well as evil sorcery–themed Blueprints and Emblems.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Open the Book of the Dead with the Evil Dead 2 Bundle. This Bundle introduces Ash Williams to Season 06, complete with boomstick Weapon Blueprints and plenty of gear to slay Deadites and primitive screwheads.

Alucard (Hellsing)

Combat the supernatural and the undead with the Hellsing Bundle, complete with the tyrannical vampire-turned-vampire-hunter, Alucard.

You can check out the blog post for all of the information about the upcoming Operators, skins, weapons, and more.

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