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Star Wars RTS Reportedly in Development

Respawn Entertainment and Bit Reactor are working together to develop a strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. However, it seems as though that isn’t the only Star Wars RTS in development.

The Star Wars RTS has not been officially unveiled

Video Games Chronicle Editor Andy Robinson revealed as much on Twitter. He noted that players should not have to wait long to find more about a Star Wars RTS from a big studio. When asked if it was the aforementioned Respawn and Bit Reactor game, he simply stated that the one he was thinking of hadn’t been announced.

And since it hasn’t been announced, it’s unclear what team is behind it, when it would come out, what platforms it would be on, or if it even exists. It was reported that Disney wants a Star Wars game out every six months, so, if true, Disney would need a stable of all sorts of titles — possibly even two strategy games — to hit that target.

There have been other Star Wars RTS games in the past, like Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga and Star Wars: Empire At War. Firaxis Games is one of the biggest modern strategy game studios, which would fit Robinson’s description, but that team is currently making a new Civilization. Creative Assembly is another strategy-focused team, and it is currently working on Hyenas, which is ironically a first-person shooter.

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