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Starfield Mod Replaces Bethesda’s Splash Screen With PlayStation Studios’

Starfield Mod Replace Bethesda's Splash Screen With PlayStation Studios'

Starfield likely isn’t ever coming to PS5, but that hasn’t stopped some people from pretending that PlayStation was involved. Someone has modded the PlayStation Studios opening animation into Starfield so that it replaces Bethesda Game Studios’ own intro.

The PlayStation Studios video plays instead of Bethesda’s

As pointed out by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Nexus Mods user Chachinito uploaded a mod that plays the PlayStation Studios’ Marvel-like introduction video instead of Bethesda’s. It’s very simple and a joke, as noted by its classification in the “humor” and “just for fun” categories. We reached out to Chachinito and they confirmed that it was all for fun, noting that they love all the current systems.

“I just thought that seeing the PlayStation Studios splash screen on Starfield would be hilarious. I also didn’t expect the hate reactions of some comments on my mod. It was just for fun. I also uploaded a flashlight mod which replaces the flashlight to PS logo. I love PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch. In 2023, it’s no longer about being tied to one console or platform. Consoles and gaming PCs allow us to fully experience what these platforms offer to consumers.”

The flashlight mod is similarly simple and doesn’t seem to have garnered much negative attention (although it is still there in the page’s handful of comments). However, like Chachinito stated, the comments for the video swap are quite toxic. Many are seemingly not understanding that it is a joke and calling it “copium.” A few, though, did seem to get that the bit is in good fun.

This is likely the closest anything related to PlayStation will get to Starfield, as it is an Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusive. Bethesda and Sony were in talks to make the sci-fi RPG a PlayStation console exclusive, but those discussions were obviously shut down by Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media. Those acquisition talks were seemingly sped up by that looming Starfield deal, according to head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

“When we acquired ZeniMax, one of the impetuses for that was that Sony had done a deal for Deathloop and Ghostwire to pay Bethesda to not ship those games on Xbox,” said Spencer. “So when we heard that Starfield was potentially also going to end up skipping Xbox, we can’t be in a position as a third-place console where we fall further behind on our content ownership, so we’ve had to secure content to remain viable in the business.”

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