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Starting Today, You Can Play As The Stonks Guy In Fortnite

It’s that time of the year —  April Fool’s Day — and we’ve been posting a ton of great Game Infarcer stories all day. Similarly, developers are looking for creative ways to get a good laugh out of their playerbase. Remedy Entertainment did just that earlier today when it showcased Control on PS1. And now Epic Games is following suit, with a new announcement about the latest skin to grace the expansive cosmetic roster of Fortnite. Yes, that’s right, the costume we’ve all been dying to wear while skydiving towards Weeping Woods is finally available: the Stonks Guy. 

Of course he’s not simply called the “Stonks Guy.” In Fortnite, the outfit pack is fittingly titled, “Diamond Hanz.” The set comes with the classic Stonks Guy mannequin character donning his famous charcoal suit and light blue tie. His shiny hands (or are those really just gloves?) glisten like diamonds. But wait, who the heck is Stonks Guy in the first place? I’ll tell you. He’s a viral internet icon that symbolizes questionable fiscal decisions (hence the confident stature alongside the hilarious misspelling of “stocks”). You can check out the original meme below.

Additionally, “Diamond Hands,” the original phrase that the outfit was inspired by, is associated with investors that tirelessly hold onto their stock or cryptocurrency despite the many potential risks or huge financial losses. Unfortunately the set, priced at 1,200 V-bucks, is only available for a few hours today, so make sure you head over to the in-game store and grab it as soon as possible. 

Fortnite has gotten a plethora of content updates these past few months. In addition to three Lara Croft skins (as well as other cool Tomb Raider content) and multiple crossover teases, Raptors and other predators were added to the main island to help add a new layer to combat.