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Stray on PS5 Beats PC Version’s Stuttering Performance

As powerful as the current generation consoles have become, they can still pale in comparison to high-end gaming PCs. However, when it comes to Stray on PS5 vs PC, it’s the Sony system that comes out on top due to the latter’s stuttering issue. For the smoothest, distraction-free gameplay with almost all of the same visual eye candy, Stray on PS5 is the best way to play.

Stray PS5 vs PC performance

There are many similarities between Stray on PS5 and PC. As discovered by Digital Foundry, both systems run the game at almost identical visual settings, though PC does have a slight advantage when it comes to shadow quality. PC players also have the flexibility to fine-tune settings to hit a target resolution and/or frame rate, which is a luxury that consoles users can’t take advantage of.

However, there is one fatal flaw that is preventing DF from recommending Stray on PC. The issue is with “shader compilation stutter,” which has become a repeat problem for recent Unreal Engine 4-powered games.

Even with an extremely powerful graphics card, DF discovered “infrequent but jarring frame-time spikes when performing new actions or entering new areas.”

Unfortunately, at least according to DF, this problem is unlikely to be remedied by the game’s developer, as it may require work from the engine creator, Epic Games, and/or additional GPU support from Nvidia/AMD.

For now, PS5 is the winning platform when it comes to enjoying Stray running its best!

In other Stray news, there are hidden QR code Easter eggs that reveal messages from the developer. There’s a Twitter account dedicated to cats watching Stray gameplay. For those who haven’t yet played the game, the PSLS review may help you decide whether or not to buy (or download it using PS Plus Extra or Premium).

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