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Stray QR Code Easter Eggs Reveal Hidden Messages From Developer

Stray has a number of Easter eggs tucked away inside its densely-populated environments. While it’s easy to miss the crowbar nodding towards Half-Life and the brief reference to Skyrim when speaking to the robot populace, Stay’s QR codes are perhaps the most tricky to decipher Easter eggs. However, for those who put in the effort, a wholesome reward awaits.

Stray QR codes hide hidden messages from the developer

With the game now accessible to all PS5, PS4, and PC players, Stray Easter eggs discoveries are being found rapidly. Some of the more interesting ones are QR codes, which show a binary code when scanned. Translating these codes into English provides a collection of fun messages from the developer, BlueTwelve Studio.

As discovered by Reddit user “Only_Beat1035,” one of the channels on the interactive TV in the Slums area has a small QR code hidden in the bottom-left of the screen. Scanning this reveals the “Hello you! :3” message. Isn’t that nice?

Another Reddit user, “Bashfullylascivious,” shared another QR code that appeared in the same location. This one says “The quick brown fox jumps over 13 lazy dogs,” though the animals are replaced with emojis.

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These QR code Easter eggs offer another level of discovery for players. Though Stray can be completed in a matter of hours, there are plenty of wholesome rewards for those who stick around and search high and low for fun distractions.

Instead of killing the cat, curiosity is instead bestowing players will good vibes. As more players make their way through the game, expect even more QR codes and Easter eggs to be posted across social media.

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