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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Video Previews Gameplay, Story

Rocksteady Studios released a brand new deep dive video into its upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, showing off some of the gameplay and emphasizing a focus on the story of the game.

The new video was the inaugural release in what the developer says will be a series of “Insider” videos designed to help fans understand more about the upcoming game. This video was dedicated fully to gameplay and the overall story of the game, which Rocksteady says is the emphasis of the game.

The video recaps most of what fans know, that the Suicide Squad — Task Force X, as known by Amanda Waller — must stop the Justice League after they’ve been compromised by Brainiac. The story takes place in Metropolis, which Rocksteady says is twice the size of the Arkham City maps from its previous games.

Shortly after arriving in Metropolis, the group is captured by Green Lantern, who explains that Brainiac is transforming (or “enhancing”) the residents of Metropolis into alien-like monsters. From there, it’ll be up to the Suicide Squad to kill the Justice League and stop an alien takeover.

New footage breaks down traversal, gameplay

In the new footage, players also learn a bit about how Task Force X comes to get some of their abilities. In a brief tease of a cutscene, the group can be seen breaking into the Hall of Justice (which seems to function as a hub world of sorts) and stealing some gadgets.

This leads to Captain Boomerang wielding Doctor Sivana’s Speed Force Gauntlet and moving like The Flash, Harley using Batman’s grappling gun, and Deadshot flying around with a jetpack. According to Rocksteady, traversal is a huge aspect of the game, and something they focused heavily on while developing.

Rocksteady Studios also touched briefly on gameplay, showcasing some footage of King Shark smashing enemies or Captain Boomerang using explosives and other weapons to take down foes. The developer said that future installments of the “Insider” series will detail gameplay and the RPG systems found within the game more, though, so fans will have to wait to see more on that, as well as any information about the live-service aspects the game will feature.

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