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The GTA 6 Trailer Announcement is the Most-Liked Gaming Tweet Ever

GTA 6 trailer breaks record

On Friday, December 1, Rockstar Games announced the first trailer for its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. The announcement tweet unsurprisingly drew massive attention, becoming the most-liked gaming-related tweet in the platform’s history.

GTA 6 tweet has nearly 2 million likes

Posted at 9:00 AM Eastern/6:00 AM Pacific, the tweet surpassed 1.7 million likes in a little over half an hour. As of this writing on Monday, December 4, it has over 1.99 million likes. However, its initial burst of attention was more than enough to make it the most popular gaming tweet ever.

YouTuber Okami Games pointed out the tweet’s record-breaking popularity on Twitter. Interestingly, the rest of the top five gaming tweets also feature Rockstar talking about Grand Theft Auto 6. The second-most popular was Rockstar’s tweet from September announcing that the trailer would arrive in early December. That tweet has about 1.6 million likes. Third place, with about 1 million likes, seems to be Rockstar’s statement from September 22 addressing the leaked footage of an early build of GTA 6. The fourth and fifth most popular had significantly fewer likes, with over 562,000 and 564,000, respectively.

While some people saw part of the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer early, it premiers tomorrow at 9:00 AM Eastern/6:00 AM Pacific. As of this writing, over 50,000 people are already waiting for the Premier, and the video has over 175,000 likes.

Based on past leaks, GTA 6 will see players return to the Miami-inspired Vice City. With a story reportedly inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, it will star two protagonists named Lucia and Jason. However, other rumors suggest that the two characters aren’t necessarily romantically involved and may even have an antagonistic relationship. Lucia has also received a lot of attention for being Grand Theft Auto’s first female protagonist since the 2D games.

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