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The first season of Game Informer’s Video Gameography explores the history of the Metroid series. We’re knee-deep in the Prime era now, and we’re tackling Samus’ sophomore 3D outing, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. 

This sequel to the acclaimed Metroid Prime was released November 15, 2004 in the U.S. and upped the ante with Zelda-style dark world/light world exploration. Players traverse two versions of a labyrinthine map, solving puzzles that opened paths in the opposite dimension and enduring the damaging effects of the dark world. Samus faces off against Dark Samus for the first time, one of a series of challenging boss encounters that cemented Echoes as the most challenging entry in the Prime series – for better or worse. 

Join hosts Ben Reeves (@BenjaminReeves), Marcus Stewart (@MarcusStewart7), and Nintendo Ambassadors/Metroid fanatics Ky and Kyle Parker (@CaptDangerous64, @admiralboogaloo) for the next hour as we explore Metroid Prime 2’s lore, development history, and lasting impact. 

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