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The Next Battlefield Reveal is Coming June 9th


The next Battlefield game is set to be officially revealed on June 9th. EA and DICE teased the upcoming reveal via a simple post on the official Battlefield Twitter account.

The video shows visual glitches which eventually reveal the Battlefield logo in a bright teal, as well as the date, June 9th, and time, 7am Pacific. Notably, they haven’t yet called it “Battlefield 6,” so it’s expected that the next Battlefield will sport a different subtitle. This is in line with past games that have had varying titles, such as Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1 (which was not the first Battlefield), and Battlefield Bad Company. The post itself simply says “Battlefield Reveal, June 9,” with no additional promises, so the reveal could be anything from a cinematic trailer to a full on gameplay showcase.

The last Battlefield game was 2018’s Battlefield V. Unlike its yearly military FPS rival Call of Duty, EA took a break for a few years with Battlefield, so expectations for the next game in the series are running high. That’s been reflected in the response to today’s announcement of the upcoming reveal, with overwhelming engagement on the tweet.

EA’s been fielding hype for the new Battlefield for quite some time now, including teasing a June reveal. A leak reportedly shows the “entire trailer” that will be shown at the reveal, however we don’t know if additional gameplay will be shown. EA has confirmed that the game will be cross-gen, but that the focus on last-gen consoles will not compromise it at all. They’ve also hinted at coming new modes that will create “only in Battlefield” moments, with current rumors saying that weather and environmental destruction will play a big role.

The reveal hasn’t been claimed by either E3 2021 or Summer Game Fest, both of which are set to officially kick off in the days following. More is expected to be shown at EA Play Live in July.

The next Battlefield reveal is scheduled to take place on the official Battlefield YouTube channel on June 9, 2021 at 7am Pacific/10am Eastern.

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