: The Nioh Collection (PS5) – Backwards Compatibility Causing a Conundrum

Death defies Nioh.

A collection of last-gen games gussied up to be re-released on a new console is nothing new. This particular Nioh collection is perhaps a bit more unique in that it includes a supposed remaster for a game that was released a mere ten months prior, but that’s not even the strangest thing about this Nioh bundle. The Nioh Collection is a curious case of the awkward situation that PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility can cause. These two games are certainly worth experiencing, but not necessarily as part of this full-priced package.

Before diving into the technical details of these PS5 ports, you should note that The Nioh Collection really is the complete Nioh package. Both great games and their six story DLCs are here and accounted for. Taken together, this collection offers a ridiculous amount of content for those looking to scratch a Souls-inspired samurai itch.

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