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There’s a Twitter Account Dedicated to Cats Watching Stray

Cat adventure Stray by developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive has become a hit right out the gate. The PS5 and PC game, which received positive critic and user reviews has been trending on Twitter since its launch, and such is its reception that even organizations like PETA have jumped in with words of appreciation. Now, there’s a Twitter account dedicated to showing cats watching Stray and if you’re looking for something to brighten a dull day, look no further.

Cats watching Stray is trending everywhere

The Twitter account in question, tagged in the tweet above, is a collection of videos and photos of cats (and even other pets) reacting to people playing Stray, but Twitter isn’t the only place inundated with these photos and videos. And the best part is that the game is also being used save cats’ lives. Shelters and foster organizations are streaming Stray as part of fundraising efforts, which have been just as successful as the game’s launch.

Released for free as part of PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup, Stray has already shattered Annapurna’s records by posting impressing day-one player count on Steam. We’re fans here on PlayStation LifeStyle as well. Make sure to read our full review to find out why.

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